Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Exams :/

Hey guys how is everyone? 
Well I hope :) 

I am so stressed and anxiety is through the roof at the moment all because of lovely exams haha yay... 
They are my first real exams so they are all four hours long and today was my science exam which I think j had almost over prepared for. As I finished with about   30 minutes to spare and lots of people after were complaining on how the ran out of time and didn't finish the second paper which I find hardto believe as I almost found it easy so I hope that's a good thing :) 

Sorry guys this post has been sitting here for a week now as I start one before my exam so I run out of time before I go in or my friend turns up in panick not understanding something before her exam or I'm the one panicking ;) haha but that's normal so I have heaps of just started posts :) so sorry about that I'll just add them all together:) 

So the first bit was written on Tuesday and now it's Sunday so only one more week of exams!! So I have 5 to go :( 2 back to back tomorrow of math then history both three hours so tomorrow night I will be soooo tired!!! Art in Tuesday so that will be fun as it's just three hours of painting!! Not really an exam but it counts as one so yay! And then my CAT (Cambridge algebra something...) and Cambridge math exams on Thursday!! That won't be fun at all but anyway I have to do them!! 

So for now and the rest of the week it is studying yay... But I have exam leave so I dont have school in between which is awesome!! Kinda. 

My wee study buddy :) :) 

Haha I love him to pieces but coming and sitting right on top of my work on multiple occasions...hmm.. But no it's cute and I get to spend extra time with him which I don't normally as I'm at school. We will both do it tough when I go back :( but still lots of time for cuddles when I get home :) 
Cuddling my at the moment pencil case.. A plastic bag. Because apparently no one can be trusted with a normal one as you can hide stuff in it which is fair enough I guess, do you guys have to do that as well? We have to have clear drink bottles as well, my friends black one got taken off her even though it was full of water so I think if there was notes in there it would be very wet... And they check our arms as we walk in so no cheating here not that I would dare to anyway, I would rather fail. Which I'm pretty sure will happen in math tomorrow... I'm in Cambridge math which is like the extension class and we are doing the normal NCEA exam tomorrow so we haven't learnt anything in it but it's easier than Cambridge so I should hopefully figure it out.... Probs not but I'll see how it goes... And then history which I've got sorted but it's like they put the two I wouldn't want together together as there is so much dates and formulas as stuff to remember!!! Anyway I should get back to studying for tomorrow!!! 

Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

End of the week :)

Hi everyone:) 

I know I'm not really getting better at blogging weekly haha. I'm sorry for that :) 
This week I haven't been feeling the best as I have a cold and have completely lost my voice which is fun.. And I have had an history internal which went over the whole week so I had to be at school everyday even though I really didn't feel like it :( 
But today I'm at school nice and early to hand it in before 8 and then I can forget about it for a month or so before I get my results back ! I'm not expecting anything fantastic as we didn't get told what to do so we were kinda just guessing it... We got told write a report on the little rock nine. That's it!! So yeah.... 

And ballet tonight yay!!!! I have been doing it 3 nights a week and I reaallllllyyyyy enjoy doing it the extra night :) so that's exciting!!!

I have french first though.... My fav not!!!! And I haven't finished my writing portfolio thingys so they also need to be done bug I find it so difficult as my teacher doesn't explain it enough and which tense to use where etc. so I find it really hard but yeah I'm not taking it next year so as long as I pass it! Haha !!!! 

Anyways some pics of my last week...
Went out for a friends birthday:) and the whole morning we spent buying the present above :) 

And it's only 2 weeks until mock exams!!!!  Ahhhhhh!!!!! Even though they are mocks they are still really important as if you miss your actual exam in term four you use those results so important!!!! 

Anyway I hope everyone is well!!!!
Lots of love 
Livvy xx :) 

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Hello everyone :) 

I'm really sorry that I haven't been the best blogger ever lately at all. I haven't been feeling like myself in the way that I am really stressed with about a million tonnes of school work and other stuff so yeah.  Sorry anyways another week another new start :) 

I think I'll just post a whole bunch of pictures from over the last week or so as that will explain more? Maybe haha ??

It was finally warm enough to wear my skirt to tennis yay!!! But it was a one off day :) 
I made cookie dough cupcakes :) 
Recipe will be up later :) :) 
Also made a lemon tart 
Recipe will also be up later :) 
I went to a cafe with my dad and little brother and got an adorable chocolate duck :) and a hot chocolate. It was from this awesome chocolate shop where the hot chocolates are literally half w cup of melted chocolate and the rest warm milk soooo good!!!! And you can choose what chocolate etc!!!!
And it started snowing while we were at the mall!!!!!!! Ahhhhh soooooo coollllllll!!!! It hasn't snowed for four years!!!!!! But it only lasted five minutes and didn't settle by hey we got snow!! Even be very temporary!! 
My family knows how badly I want it to snow!!!! So do my friends so when it did u hit about a billion texts saying SNOW!!! Haha I hoped it would snow more over night then I could open my curtains and see white everywhere and then dress up super cosy and then listen to the radio where it will say 'schools are closed due to the current weather' and we would have the day off to play in it :D but it didn't 
And I will be going to school in about an hour :( haha 

Sooooo exciting!!!!!!!! 

And then I straintened my hair ready for school :) I haven't straitened my hair in ageeessss so it felt dupe weird and long :) oh and excuse the awful picture haha dressed up in my thermals for bed :) as it gets soo cold over night!!! Anywhere from   -3 to -6 so freezing!!!! And yet it won't snow!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! 

Anyways I'm off to school now :) 
Have a  nice day 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Ballet exam Ahhh!!!

On Friday I set my grade 8 ballet exam. It was definitely one of the most terrifying things I have ever done but I survived and without too much panick so that was awesome :) :)   
Scariest exam yet I think as it was just four dances and you had to pass all of them to  pass the exam so hopefully I passed. Well I think I did anyway haha fingers crossed:) 
And you were the only person in the room except for the pianist and examiner so freaky :) 
So I will get my results in about a months time!! Excited. 
I don't think it went super great but not terrible either so I hope I did okay as it is a hard exam so yeah :) I mean I didn't fall or wobble (except for one tiny one :)) and ran the right way in all my dances as it was in a different studio so yeah :) 

And then I went out for dinner with s couple of my ballet friends so two scary things in one day but I survived. I know i can to these things just need to believe in my self and just breathe!!!! 
I had so much hair gel in as well it's ballet but it stayed in well!!! 

Hope all is well 
Lots of love
Livvy xx 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Back to school :(

I so don't want to be here right now. 
It is freezing at -5 degrees and it is soooo early!! Well it's 7:50 so not that early but yesterday I still would of been asleep. Haha and I am freaking out at the moment, just trying to get through it and not have another anxiety attack as one before school is enough. I don't get why I get so nervous before school. I mean it's just school!!! But anyway I do. That's just me, got to live with it :) 
Ahh my hands are numb haha. And I am early so it is always sooo awkward sitting in the corridor with the four other early nerdy kids like me :) so everyone just pretends to go on there phone haha and it's so quiet that you can hear yourself breathe and a single moment sounds very loud!!! Haha oh well my friends will be here soon... Hopefully;)

If you are at school at the moment when do you go back ? If you were on holiday in the first place that is :) 
Or if you are at home resting or in hospital just know that is what is best for you right now as school and work will add soo much more stress into your life which you don't need right now as I know how difficult it is but know that you will and can get through it even though it is extremely tough right now. Just focus on recovery as your health is much more important:) stay strong :) xx 

Today I will be getting my French internal back... It was speaking and worth 5 credits which is a lot!! And I am not very confidant on the result that's for sure!!  But as long as I pass that's okay as French is not my strong point. Oh and I'll get my history essays back too which is exciting as I like history and I'm good at it so quietly confident on them :) fingers crossed!! 

Anyways I hope you have a good day!!! 
Ahhh I am so panicky :( but just breathe!! 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Friday, 17 July 2015

Dentist and braces..... :(

Hey guys how are you all?? 

This morning I had to go to the dentist for a check up and got told that I am going to need braces :( because my back teeth have come in too far forward they are overcrowded at the back and have twisted my canine teeth at the front which is why I kinda look like a vampire haha :) but I sort of like them haha but anyway braces... 
We have booked my appointment at the orthodontist and the closest one they have is in the first week of September!! So I still have a good seven weeks. Few. And then it will just st be taking X-rays and moulds etc. so I have so while yet. But still grrrrr annoying teeth !!! 

But afterwards we went out for lunch mch for the last day of the school holidays :( which was very yummy :) 
I had French toast 


And then back home did two hours of English work and painted my nails as we aren't allowed it at school so my last chance in a while :( 
I think they turned out alright :) 

Also tomorrow there is a snow warning!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!! Although I dought it will as it hasn't snowed for four years :( but there is hope!!!! 
Sunday night would be great so no school on Monday!!! Haha I am not looking forward to this term as it is exam term :( Ahhh!!!! And this year is the first that it actually counts!!! So no pressure !!! 

Anyway I hope you had a good day :) 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Busy day....

I am so tired. 
Both physically and mentally drained at the moment. I do have stuff to do but they can wait and I can have a rest with my giant warm cup of milky tea :) 

This morning I had a haircut, thank goodness haha.  I liked the length of it but it was so knotty and hard to brush all the time as my hair is pretty frizzy and curly and my fringe was getting so long that it was hard to see haha. 


And after... 
It's a big shorter than I wanted it but if it's easier to manage that's fine with me :) 
Excuse the tennis gear too :) it is freezing outside.  

So after that I went straight to tennis and did my three hours there which is why I look pretty tired in the picture :) 
My mum then asked me to go shopping with her so I went along I didn't get anything though. I am terrible at shopping :) not for me. I like shop but I just don't like spending money haha ??

Tomorrow my friend and her sister and coming over for the day as they are up from Timaru and I haven't seen them in ages!!! So looking forward to that :) 
The only thing is I have to cook lunch, and I always panic before having to eat my own cooking as I don't like knowing what's in it and I don't trust myself that I have done everything right and cooked it properly. Baking is fine but cooking is a different story. 
And if anyone has any ideas what to make which is gluten free (well that's okay because I am too so everything I make is gluten free too) but also dairy free, egg free, sugar free and vegetarian??! What do I make???!! Any ideas will go a long way :) 
Wish me luck :) 

Anyway I hope you are all well :) and having a good holiday (if you are at the moment I know NZ and Australia are) but otherwise just a good day :) 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx :)