Sunday, 31 August 2014

Iced banana cupcakes :) and recipe...

Yay my cupcakes are all done and iced!! I took these pics yeaterday and today there is only now three left!! well our visters had one each so that is 8 gone, and I had two last night (Iknow I know but they are just soooo good!) and one in my lunch today. But ya I will have to make some more soon!!

Recipe from: X


2 cups self-raising flour
1/2 cup Chelsea Caster Sugar
1/2 tsp salt
100g butter
1 cup milk
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 cup (2 or 3) mashed bananas
Chocolate Icing
1 Tbsp softened butter (optional)
1 1/2 cups of Chelsea Chocolate Icing Sugar
Hot water
Optional - Extra sliced bananas to decorate.

Turn the oven to 220°C. Stir the flour, Caster sugar and salt together with a fork.
Melt the butter, remove from the heat, add the milk, egg and vanilla and beat well with a fork.
Mash and measure the bananas. Stir them into the liquid mixture and mix well. Add to the dry mixture and fold everything together carefully until all the flour is dampened; stop before the mixture is smooth.
Line a cupcake tray with paper cupcake cases. Spoon mixture into the cases and bake for 12-15 minutes or until they spring back when pressed in the centre. Cool on a wire rack.
When cool, decorate with chocolate Icing and top with banana slices (optional).
Chocolate Icing
Add butter to icing sugar. Add enough hot water to combine when mixed.

I do recommend these they are very easy and so good!
Have a good night!!

Later :)

Well Jenna did like the chocolate icing but turns out she cant eat the carrots or celery because of her braces!! Even though she ate them last week and her sister eats them with braces, oh well she is too hard to please! They also have a Korean home-stay living with them at the moment so I met her as well, I have no idea how to spell her name but it starts with a J...
Anyway this is what I made...
Yum this is what I really wanted to eat, whether the others did, probably not..
 Oh and I made a smoothie as well to drink made out of 2 bananas, 2 yogurts, berries and milk!! (it's okay there was 6 of us in total!!)

Today wasnt as bad, usually when they come over I am bored to death but today was kind fun. We ended up on the trampoline kicking balls around and listening to Jennas and R's very bad taste in music!! How many times did we listen to anaconda by Nicki Manege and Problem by Arianda Grande?? Way too many times (sorry if you like them, I don't mind them but like the by the third time they are played in a row ughh...)
Anyway, in PE after the test that only took about 10 minutes we played with the skipping ropes!! Haha, I felt little again!! And I did double dutch for the first time and it turns out I am pretty good at it! It was fun but I jumped so much I still have a headache!

I ended up walking to school by myself today, my friend wouldnt reply to me, hopefully I havent done or said something bad to her!! I feel all horrible and anxious about it :/ Oh well I will see her in maths tomorrow and I can find out then...

Off the ballet later, looking forward to that! Only thing is because our normal teacher is away we have relivers and the one on Mondays is really mean and she hates the way I hold my arms even though every other teacher thinks they are fine!!

I hope your day went okay (haha rhymes sorry..)(i'm in a happy mood...) If not, I am sorry and it will get better soon, it may not seen even possible now but it does trust me and I will always be here for you! And feel free to keep emailing me, It's no problem infact I like helping!! :) :) And if your day was good, Go you!! well done!! See you guys later!!


Hey sorry my mums friends and daughters will be here any secound so if this is cut off short sorry and I will post again when they are gone :)
Today was pretty normal, I got 8 and a half out of ten on my French vocab test which I am happy with, the social studies assement went okay, we had to pair assess each others work, I had to do a girl called Alix (awesome spelling!!) hers was pretty good, she did a app that tests your breath alcohol limit before you drive, the only flaw is that a iPhone microphone can't pick up alcohol, you would need a attachment but otherwise really good, I don't know who marked mine, but I hope they were nice :) and the PE test was pretty easy though I think I spelt all the muscles and arteries wrong... Hopes up that didn't matter!
For afterrnoon tea I made the banana cupcakes (fingers crossed she likes the icing)

Got to go I will finish later!

Saturday, 30 August 2014


Well since my first post today I have done quite a lot. We went out for morning tea at this new cafe which was nice, they had these chia drinks that looked cool so I tryed one and it was so gross! It was filled with these seeds which I presume was the chia and they were so slimy and it was all lumpy, the actual chia was okay it was the flavouring they mixed into it! Anyway not having one of those again! And I also got this gf apricot caramel and chocolate slice which I shared with my mum which was very nice.
After we came back home for a while then we went to rebel sport and R got his soccer boots, they are bright pink! Really cool in my opinion not really R though he usually hates pink but seems to love his new boots so yeah, I don't know sometimes! He also got some more football socks and shin pads. I looked for my knee pads and they had the ones I wanted but they only had them in size L or XL or XXL and I really need a small!! They were way to big! My knees aren't that fat in fact I don't think anyone's could be that big plus stretching!!
After I went to watch my brother play futsul, they lost 11-2 but to be fair those kids or should I say adults shouldn't be in their grade! R is 12 and they were all 17,18,19! Really! They were so much taller than them as well! And me! They also had very bad attitudes! I over heard one of their conversations with our boys on the court and it went like 'stop being such a baby your not five! Calm down!' our boys weren't doing anything! 'um I'm not..' ' well don't be so mean to me!' and walks off!?! What, it doesn't even make sense!?! And they were just yelling at our boys for doing nothing honestly! And were practically squashing our boys! They just kept falling on them! Anyway they should move up!!
On our way home from futsul we stopped and had lunch at burger fuel and I had a chicken burger, yum! Next we went to the supermarket and got heaps of snacks for our lunches I actually can't wai for lunch tomorrow, I know a first! Yay I can have carrots, celery with hummus, a sandwich with ham cheese and tomato, puffed potato stick, rice wheel, oat bars, jelly pots, oranges, pears, oh andmy cupcakes and more!! Yay!! Can't wait!
Hopefully Sophie will be at school tomorrow and is feeling better! I will take her present tomorrow too. I think I will walk with my friend to school tomorrow, well if she remembers to set her alarm!!
R is going to a Japanese food sushi place for tea tonight for his club soccer breakup, he still has city reps to go to though and trainingI so soccer is till not over yet!
I had this really nice, umm can't remember what it is called but it is thin meat with cheese inside covered in bread crumbs, you no what I mean hopefully... Which my dad made for us which was nice :)
Well this post had turned out a lot longer than I expected, well done if you mad it this far!!
Have a good night and good luck for school tomorrow (well for some, another reason to motivate you to recover, I still get really bad anxiety going to school each morning but it does get better!!)
Love you guys good night and good luck, you can do it!! Xoxo :)

Love your body

Love your body, I know it is hard when in recovery and are putting on weight, trust me I know I am still in recovery too :) You might like your body all boney but you will love it even more when you are recovered, your real body! Your true body!! I like mine even more by the day and remember putting on weight is NOT all fat, it is bone and muscle as well!!

Banana cupcakes :)

I did decide to make banana cupcakes after all, yay I am so craving them right now!! They just have to cool and then I can ice them. The recipe I used was meant to make 12 but it actually made 20 so happy girl :) I think I will ice half of them with lemon and the other chocolate, I love lemon icing on banana cupcakes but Jenna and my brother R doesnt so the other half will be chocolate, hopefully J likes chocolate otherwise I really dont care! she can just scrap it off!! 
So here they are:

Pictures with icing later!!!
And now the house smells all yummy!! so happy!!

Good Morning :)

Morning all hope you had a nice sleep :) new day new start, forget everything bad that happened yesterday, remember the good things :)
Nothing very exciting happening today... I had two pieces of toast, a coffee (decaf of course!) and a banana :) yum
Later we are going out to this new cafe that just opened (there are always new things opening or reopening after the earthquake!!) as my Mum thinks it looks really good. Then probably going out to rebel sport (sport shop) for my brothers soccer boots and maybe I can finally get some knee pads for volleyball as the season is starting next term again, YAY love volleyball so fun!! We have been looking for knee pads for about a year now and no where has them or if they do we found one pair but they were 60 dollars which is waaayyy to expensive! My knees are always grazed in volleyball season, I don't mind it, well it hurts when you dive on grazed knees... but my parents think it looks terrible like I am always in fights as my arms are usually bruised as well!!! haha....
I am going to do some baking this afternoon, banana choc chip cupcakes I think, as I found this pic now I am craving them...
And our Mums friends and daughters are coming over tomorrow for afternoon tea and we have to have something, I want to put lemon icing on them but Jenna one of her daughters hates lemon as well as a lot of things, she is so fussy and will throw a fit if I do so I might just leave icing off one for her, but then she will probably cry as she is the only one without icing... Cant please her!!

I cant wait until tennis season starts again!!! Yay, can you tell I am a summer sport girl!! I really want to go down to the courts later on but I am having trouble persuading someone to come with me, I cant play by myself!!

So it sounds like a good day today, hope I haven't just jinxed myself!! Haha.Hope you have a great day too!! :)

Oh and I have updated the last 5 or so posts (the ones with links) and added more pics as well if you want to go back and see them, yay more pics!!

Home at last :)

Yay back at home again after the party. I loved the party but I am always so tired afterward and well it's 10:30pm!! Sophie didn't end up coming which is sad but I will give her her present at school on Monday. When everyone arrived we played the chocolate game where you have to roll the dice and when you get a six you have to pit on a scarf, hat, gloves and a mask and cut up the chocolate with a knife and fork and eat as much as you can until the next person rolls a six. Lucky I only rolled a six once and only got,one piece! I was fine about eating the chocolate but felt really dizzy and sick so I suppose that was my body saying don't eat the chocolate! Which is wrong and unhappy that my body still does that! Next we did apple bobbing, well mini chocolate bar bobbing which was interesting and very hard and the water was freezing! We watched the internship after then had tea which was pizza (only had one slice...), hamburger sliders (really tiny hamburgers had 1), garlic bread (had two small bits, would of only had one if I had relised how much butter had been put on them!), these mini hotdog thing with cheese and wrapped in pastry (still hate pastry it is soo gross even the French pastrys and crosants and chocolate ones, I use to like them not I can't stand them, even if I see someone else eating them it just makes me cringe. But that doesn't mean because I don't like them you can't eat them if you like them go for it!!) and mini baked chicken nuggets! All was very nice but now I think of it I probably didn't eat enough for a whole meal... I definitely ate the least there, which I am going to change! How did you go with your 'scary' foods? Well I hope! :) we then watched confishens of a shopaholic which was good and ate cake and lollies. Nne of which was gluten free and my stomach is already beginning to cramp :( it will be worse in the morning, not looking forward to it, regret eating it now, but I couldn't not eat dinner, that would just start me off in my old bad habits again! And I don't want to lose anymore weight!
And that was it with lots of laughing and talking! It was fun but to be honest I am really glad to be back at home in my bed curled up with my cat and fifty something teddybears! Don't ask I know it's babyish but it helps with my anxiety. And anything to help it go away and lessen it is worth it!! And I love them, had them all since I was born! Haha now sounding like I am five! Oh well...

Have a good night, sleep well and get ready for a nice freash start tomorrow!! Xoxo :)

Friday, 29 August 2014


Off to the party soon, so I will see you later, this is what I got my friends, I hope they like it!
These jars took me ages but they look cool
2 chocolate
Window chalk
The cards I made
 I am really nervous right now, I know I shouldn't be, it's just with my best friends!! I think we are having pizza for tea... Not sure how I feel about that :/ but I will have to eat some. I will just try to have lots of the other stuff instead like popcorn maybe chips etc. And I will have to have cake as well. Still not sure of Sophie is actually coming, even though it is her party because she has a cold! Come on a cold, I have had a cold pretty much all winter, because I'm not at a proper weight so my immune system is terrible at the moment! Another reason to recover! But yeah hopefully she does come! It is her party along with Jess. It is from 4:30-9:30 so I won't have another post unil much later sorry.
Hopefully I will have lots of fun!

Have a good night! And tonight I dare you to try one of your 'bad or scary' foods tonight and keep it down, I will be... And remember there is no such thing as a unhealthy or bad food! And having it once or twice will NOT make you gain weight at all, just like eating a salad won't make you lose weight. So go on try it I believe you can do it!! Good luck :) xoxo


Sushi for lunch yum :) sorry link I know will update again when I have access to the computer. :)
Tuna sushi . I love sushi, do you? What's your favorite type? Off to my friends joint birthday party in 2 hours! They will pass either very fast or extremely slow, not sure which yet... But I will start to get anxious soon... :/ oh well! Who cares?!

Have a nice afternoon :D

Climbing photos :)

Hey late post I know sorry I was working on my social studies assement due mon and it's all down! Yay! And I don't have access to the computer (again I know!) so photos will be under the links below but when I can I will update so they aren't links :)

Me at top of rope climb, I think I can get to the top of all of them they are so easy and not very high!

In the cubbyhole at the top again not very hard...

Some of the walls they are all soo cool!

More of the walls

 my outfit...

 Blisters :( they are hard to see in the pic though
 my outfit again :)

 Sorry they are quite blurry, it's just the way I have to put them on links, when I update they won't be so fuzzy, I will have some more soon when my friend emails me the rest of them :) so yeah :) hope you enjoyed them!
And happy weekend! Have a good one!


Climbing was soo funn!! I hadn't been to clip 'n' climb since I was little so that was really cool and they had replaced some of the walls as some got damaged in the earthquake so there are nice new ones too! Haha I was so nervous before hand, you should of seen me! Sometimes I don't even know why I go into anxiety panic mode, it just happens, why I was anxious maybe being somewhere kind of new with only my friends? Or being without my parents? I don't know?! But ya I get use to it, I can tell you now I will be like this tomorrow before my friends party!! We had a awesome time with loads of laughing and of course climbing, it was a good workout as well, my arms and legs are aching right now, ugh I'm not going to be able to get up in the morning, too sore...
Anyway I am in bed now as it is an hour past my bed time (wow I can't believe my parents let me,that's a first!) and my mum is still on the computer, her marking must almost be over (students at uni are finishing exams so heaps of marking!) and then I can use the computer again! Yay! So pictures will be tomorrow.

For now time for sleep with my blister covered hands,ouch...
Good night! Xoxo :)

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Hey guys sorry my friend we are taking climbing will be here any second so I will write a proper post when I get back. So nervous right now, pretty much feel like throwing up and I'm all shaky!! Anyways sure I will have tonnes of fun! :)

Love you guys xoxo :)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The last of the photos :)

I think these are the best photos and there is loads of food in these ones (just a warning)

Lunch on the tram..chicken on spinach with what I think was gravy but didn't really touch it, the piece of chicken was huge!! I couldn't finish it.
 Starter on the tram Gluten free bread
 I think this must be the best lemon lime and bitters ever!! it is soo good, and no the wine isn't mine!!
 Tram lunch, ignore the guy out the window I have NO idea who he is I just wanted a pic of the tram!
 Me about to go swimming in the amaze pool (photo in post before)

 Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, one of our dinners

 My new gym shoes I bought, they were so cheap and so cool! pink!

 The dress I wore going to Les Mis (my first show and it was so good!)

 The hotel lobby
 The car ralley, car 14
 My poor hair after the car rallry it was so windy and my hair ended up very tangled and I think my fringe turned into a side fringe for about two days after!!
 And creme caramel, my desert one night!
And thats all hope you enjoyed!! xoxo
One reason to begin to recover you can go on holidays!!


Yay finally here :) Sorry for the wait and because there are tonnes of them!!
More aquarium photos more later...

I LOVE frogs soooooooo much, they are soooo cute!! xoxo

Some lizards, i think i just love reptiles ;)

Outside the boat we did a two hour cruise on the the man said 'Ladies and gents' over 180 times!!
Haha playing with panoramic 
More frogs xoxo
Snake... Cool but really Freaky so glad we don't have them in NZ!!
Turtle :)