Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Exams :/

Hey guys how is everyone? 
Well I hope :) 

I am so stressed and anxiety is through the roof at the moment all because of lovely exams haha yay... 
They are my first real exams so they are all four hours long and today was my science exam which I think j had almost over prepared for. As I finished with about   30 minutes to spare and lots of people after were complaining on how the ran out of time and didn't finish the second paper which I find hardto believe as I almost found it easy so I hope that's a good thing :) 

Sorry guys this post has been sitting here for a week now as I start one before my exam so I run out of time before I go in or my friend turns up in panick not understanding something before her exam or I'm the one panicking ;) haha but that's normal so I have heaps of just started posts :) so sorry about that I'll just add them all together:) 

So the first bit was written on Tuesday and now it's Sunday so only one more week of exams!! So I have 5 to go :( 2 back to back tomorrow of math then history both three hours so tomorrow night I will be soooo tired!!! Art in Tuesday so that will be fun as it's just three hours of painting!! Not really an exam but it counts as one so yay! And then my CAT (Cambridge algebra something...) and Cambridge math exams on Thursday!! That won't be fun at all but anyway I have to do them!! 

So for now and the rest of the week it is studying yay... But I have exam leave so I dont have school in between which is awesome!! Kinda. 

My wee study buddy :) :) 

Haha I love him to pieces but coming and sitting right on top of my work on multiple occasions...hmm.. But no it's cute and I get to spend extra time with him which I don't normally as I'm at school. We will both do it tough when I go back :( but still lots of time for cuddles when I get home :) 
Cuddling my at the moment pencil case.. A plastic bag. Because apparently no one can be trusted with a normal one as you can hide stuff in it which is fair enough I guess, do you guys have to do that as well? We have to have clear drink bottles as well, my friends black one got taken off her even though it was full of water so I think if there was notes in there it would be very wet... And they check our arms as we walk in so no cheating here not that I would dare to anyway, I would rather fail. Which I'm pretty sure will happen in math tomorrow... I'm in Cambridge math which is like the extension class and we are doing the normal NCEA exam tomorrow so we haven't learnt anything in it but it's easier than Cambridge so I should hopefully figure it out.... Probs not but I'll see how it goes... And then history which I've got sorted but it's like they put the two I wouldn't want together together as there is so much dates and formulas as stuff to remember!!! Anyway I should get back to studying for tomorrow!!! 

Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

End of the week :)

Hi everyone:) 

I know I'm not really getting better at blogging weekly haha. I'm sorry for that :) 
This week I haven't been feeling the best as I have a cold and have completely lost my voice which is fun.. And I have had an history internal which went over the whole week so I had to be at school everyday even though I really didn't feel like it :( 
But today I'm at school nice and early to hand it in before 8 and then I can forget about it for a month or so before I get my results back ! I'm not expecting anything fantastic as we didn't get told what to do so we were kinda just guessing it... We got told write a report on the little rock nine. That's it!! So yeah.... 

And ballet tonight yay!!!! I have been doing it 3 nights a week and I reaallllllyyyyy enjoy doing it the extra night :) so that's exciting!!!

I have french first though.... My fav not!!!! And I haven't finished my writing portfolio thingys so they also need to be done bug I find it so difficult as my teacher doesn't explain it enough and which tense to use where etc. so I find it really hard but yeah I'm not taking it next year so as long as I pass it! Haha !!!! 

Anyways some pics of my last week...
Went out for a friends birthday:) and the whole morning we spent buying the present above :) 

And it's only 2 weeks until mock exams!!!!  Ahhhhhh!!!!! Even though they are mocks they are still really important as if you miss your actual exam in term four you use those results so important!!!! 

Anyway I hope everyone is well!!!!
Lots of love 
Livvy xx :) 

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Hello everyone :) 

I'm really sorry that I haven't been the best blogger ever lately at all. I haven't been feeling like myself in the way that I am really stressed with about a million tonnes of school work and other stuff so yeah.  Sorry anyways another week another new start :) 

I think I'll just post a whole bunch of pictures from over the last week or so as that will explain more? Maybe haha ??

It was finally warm enough to wear my skirt to tennis yay!!! But it was a one off day :) 
I made cookie dough cupcakes :) 
Recipe will be up later :) :) 
Also made a lemon tart 
Recipe will also be up later :) 
I went to a cafe with my dad and little brother and got an adorable chocolate duck :) and a hot chocolate. It was from this awesome chocolate shop where the hot chocolates are literally half w cup of melted chocolate and the rest warm milk soooo good!!!! And you can choose what chocolate etc!!!!
And it started snowing while we were at the mall!!!!!!! Ahhhhh soooooo coollllllll!!!! It hasn't snowed for four years!!!!!! But it only lasted five minutes and didn't settle by hey we got snow!! Even be very temporary!! 
My family knows how badly I want it to snow!!!! So do my friends so when it did u hit about a billion texts saying SNOW!!! Haha I hoped it would snow more over night then I could open my curtains and see white everywhere and then dress up super cosy and then listen to the radio where it will say 'schools are closed due to the current weather' and we would have the day off to play in it :D but it didn't 
And I will be going to school in about an hour :( haha 

Sooooo exciting!!!!!!!! 

And then I straintened my hair ready for school :) I haven't straitened my hair in ageeessss so it felt dupe weird and long :) oh and excuse the awful picture haha dressed up in my thermals for bed :) as it gets soo cold over night!!! Anywhere from   -3 to -6 so freezing!!!! And yet it won't snow!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! 

Anyways I'm off to school now :) 
Have a  nice day 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Ballet exam Ahhh!!!

On Friday I set my grade 8 ballet exam. It was definitely one of the most terrifying things I have ever done but I survived and without too much panick so that was awesome :) :)   
Scariest exam yet I think as it was just four dances and you had to pass all of them to  pass the exam so hopefully I passed. Well I think I did anyway haha fingers crossed:) 
And you were the only person in the room except for the pianist and examiner so freaky :) 
So I will get my results in about a months time!! Excited. 
I don't think it went super great but not terrible either so I hope I did okay as it is a hard exam so yeah :) I mean I didn't fall or wobble (except for one tiny one :)) and ran the right way in all my dances as it was in a different studio so yeah :) 

And then I went out for dinner with s couple of my ballet friends so two scary things in one day but I survived. I know i can to these things just need to believe in my self and just breathe!!!! 
I had so much hair gel in as well it's ballet but it stayed in well!!! 

Hope all is well 
Lots of love
Livvy xx 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Back to school :(

I so don't want to be here right now. 
It is freezing at -5 degrees and it is soooo early!! Well it's 7:50 so not that early but yesterday I still would of been asleep. Haha and I am freaking out at the moment, just trying to get through it and not have another anxiety attack as one before school is enough. I don't get why I get so nervous before school. I mean it's just school!!! But anyway I do. That's just me, got to live with it :) 
Ahh my hands are numb haha. And I am early so it is always sooo awkward sitting in the corridor with the four other early nerdy kids like me :) so everyone just pretends to go on there phone haha and it's so quiet that you can hear yourself breathe and a single moment sounds very loud!!! Haha oh well my friends will be here soon... Hopefully;)

If you are at school at the moment when do you go back ? If you were on holiday in the first place that is :) 
Or if you are at home resting or in hospital just know that is what is best for you right now as school and work will add soo much more stress into your life which you don't need right now as I know how difficult it is but know that you will and can get through it even though it is extremely tough right now. Just focus on recovery as your health is much more important:) stay strong :) xx 

Today I will be getting my French internal back... It was speaking and worth 5 credits which is a lot!! And I am not very confidant on the result that's for sure!!  But as long as I pass that's okay as French is not my strong point. Oh and I'll get my history essays back too which is exciting as I like history and I'm good at it so quietly confident on them :) fingers crossed!! 

Anyways I hope you have a good day!!! 
Ahhh I am so panicky :( but just breathe!! 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Friday, 17 July 2015

Dentist and braces..... :(

Hey guys how are you all?? 

This morning I had to go to the dentist for a check up and got told that I am going to need braces :( because my back teeth have come in too far forward they are overcrowded at the back and have twisted my canine teeth at the front which is why I kinda look like a vampire haha :) but I sort of like them haha but anyway braces... 
We have booked my appointment at the orthodontist and the closest one they have is in the first week of September!! So I still have a good seven weeks. Few. And then it will just st be taking X-rays and moulds etc. so I have so while yet. But still grrrrr annoying teeth !!! 

But afterwards we went out for lunch mch for the last day of the school holidays :( which was very yummy :) 
I had French toast 


And then back home did two hours of English work and painted my nails as we aren't allowed it at school so my last chance in a while :( 
I think they turned out alright :) 

Also tomorrow there is a snow warning!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!! Although I dought it will as it hasn't snowed for four years :( but there is hope!!!! 
Sunday night would be great so no school on Monday!!! Haha I am not looking forward to this term as it is exam term :( Ahhh!!!! And this year is the first that it actually counts!!! So no pressure !!! 

Anyway I hope you had a good day :) 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Busy day....

I am so tired. 
Both physically and mentally drained at the moment. I do have stuff to do but they can wait and I can have a rest with my giant warm cup of milky tea :) 

This morning I had a haircut, thank goodness haha.  I liked the length of it but it was so knotty and hard to brush all the time as my hair is pretty frizzy and curly and my fringe was getting so long that it was hard to see haha. 


And after... 
It's a big shorter than I wanted it but if it's easier to manage that's fine with me :) 
Excuse the tennis gear too :) it is freezing outside.  

So after that I went straight to tennis and did my three hours there which is why I look pretty tired in the picture :) 
My mum then asked me to go shopping with her so I went along I didn't get anything though. I am terrible at shopping :) not for me. I like shop but I just don't like spending money haha ??

Tomorrow my friend and her sister and coming over for the day as they are up from Timaru and I haven't seen them in ages!!! So looking forward to that :) 
The only thing is I have to cook lunch, and I always panic before having to eat my own cooking as I don't like knowing what's in it and I don't trust myself that I have done everything right and cooked it properly. Baking is fine but cooking is a different story. 
And if anyone has any ideas what to make which is gluten free (well that's okay because I am too so everything I make is gluten free too) but also dairy free, egg free, sugar free and vegetarian??! What do I make???!! Any ideas will go a long way :) 
Wish me luck :) 

Anyway I hope you are all well :) and having a good holiday (if you are at the moment I know NZ and Australia are) but otherwise just a good day :) 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx :) 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Focus food of the week!!!

So, I thought I might start doing a focus food of the week segment thingy!! Where I find a food of the week and have recipes and stuff about it!! Might be interesting ?!! maybe, so I will give it a go anyway. It wont necessarily be a fear food but just a normal food (well all food is normal) but like a fruit or something haha. Or a type of food like New Zealand if you would like some Kiwi recipes!! Let me know :) 

So feel free to comment on what food you would like me to do next!!

Today I am going to start with:


Recently I found out that feijoas are a New Zealand fruit?? (as well as a few other countries too) I didn't know that as they are sooo common over here!! For example we have six trees down our back path but you can buy them all over the world too!! So if your have never heard of them either please do give them a go!! They are a little green fruit which smell exactly as they taste but a bit sweeter! And are veryyyy nice!!

You eat them the same way as you would eat a kiwifruit, cut them in half and scoop out the insides!

We always get soooo many of them that we dont know what to do with them all as the end up all over the back path and start to rot as there are sooo many!! So here are some recipes that we like to make and then freeze to use them all up!

Feijoa cake (or we normally make them into cupcakes as they are easier to store in the freezer)
I normally use THIS recipe

Feijoa smoothies:
Blend together - 2 feijoas
 -  1 banana
- 1 1/2 cups of milk
- a tsp of honey
yummy :) occasionally it will look like the mixture is split but it is just the acid in the feijoa reacting with the milk and if you give it a stir it still tastes exactly the same!!

Feijoa sorbet/icecream
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1 cup of feijoa pulp (the inside stuff)

- Boil the water and sugar together for 5 minutes and leave to cool
- Add the lemon juice and feijoas.
- Pour into a bowl, icecream containers work well and freeze until hard
- Tip it into a bowl and beat until light and soft, working quickly to avoid it melting.
- Return to freezer without stirring and leave until very firm

My gran also makes them into a feijoa chutney which is very nice I dont know the recipe she uses but there is a recipe on THIS website. It is from Annabel Langbein who is a very good and trusty chef so it should turn out perfect!!!

Chocolate Feijoa cake!

And of course there are sooo much other stuff you can make out of these amazing little fruit!! SO give them a go!!

Lots of love 
Livvy xx


Hey guys so lately I know I have been like the worst blogger ever but I am back and  staying ontop of it this time because I truely love blogging! 

It is finally the holidays!!! Yayyyyy!!! I am not going away anywhere but it's always nice just to hang around home and be a tourist in your own city ;) even though the holidays are already half over :( it goes so fast and soon it will be back to school and exam term ahhhh!!! Anyways I still have a week left :) 

The first three days my brother R had a football tournament here in Chch which was super nice as we could go watch him and it was in this new soccer academy thingy they are building and it is soooo nice!!! It isn't finished yet but it is like the fanciest thing we have in our city after the earthquake Haha it's really nice !!! 
But it's winter and also very very cold!!! It was minus two degrees when I took this photo at 4 o'clock!! But anyway I also saved a butterfly while I was there! I don't think it will last very long as it had s broken wing and butterflies don't normally live this long into winter but it was still alive the next day! 

Felt nice to save the little thing and they are really cool to hold as they cling and wrap around your fingers!! 

Yesterday I went with a group of friends to the university open day and Did the science department tours which were sooo cool and interesting. We came to help us make a decision on what subjects to take next year as some uni courses need level two credits to grant you entry so yeah big decision but it all was so interesting that now I have even more no idea (that sentence doesn't make sense but I can't think how else to re-word it do it can stay like that ;)) 

The biology labs were all new and nice and they also had an aquarium where we got to touch and feed the fish super cool!! 
Not meant to take pictures but if you look closely they are a big hard to see but there are little baby crayfish in them :) super cute!!! 

I don't really have any other plans for the holidays except read novels for English they must think we are super readers with loads of free time if something like that!!! I have read 2 and have 5 to go!!!!! And they aren't small either!!! So lots of reading for me!! 

Next week my friend is coming up from Timaru so hopefully I can spend lots of time with her!! 

And I hope you my lovely readers are all well!!!!! 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Update of my life :)

Heyyyy guys!!! how are you? Doing super well I hope :)

Only four more days of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! well for the term anyway!! still two more terms to go... but in the meantime I have two weeks of holidays to look forward to!!! Yay!

Although today was actually a pretty good day at school! We had a cybersaftey talk thingy which we get every year and it is terribly boring but today we had a guy come in and it was 70 minutes long but actually super interesting and I really enjoyed it. And we got to miss out on second and third period :)  But now I am all worried about what could happen to me on my blog, as I don't have any other social media as I dont reallllyyy see much point in it and I had a friend who had a really bad experience with it too, but I dont want to get into too uch detail about that. So I personally think it is alright but only if you take the appropriate measures to make sure you are safe online. I feel safe with my blog thought as everyone is super nice and supportive and I haven't had a single bad comment yet!! (fingers crossed I havent just jinxed it :))

Anyways I missed out on the tow periods I wasnt exactaly looking forward to and I had art and science before and after it so I got all super good periods :D Yay!

In science we got our marks back from our test on genetics (Which I had thought I had done terribly on, as I ran out of time to write everything I wanted to as I hurt my wrist the night before at tennis, not badly but enough for it to be pretty uncomfortable trying to write heaps!) But I still  managed to get Excellence on it!! Woo with 28/30 so that was a surprise but a nice one!
Also last Friday we took some swabs of things and grew the bacteria over the weekend so we got to see it for the first time today. Ours turned out really pretty haha and gross... We got all bacteria colony's and they were all different colours ;) Some others got mold and fungi which were all furry and they were realllyyy gross!!! But I kinda liked ours hahah :)

This wasnt ours ^^^ but it looked similar but we had red,orange brown and green as well!! I thought they were really cool!! hahaha

Ahhh the realization of how close my ballet exam is had hit me!! I have five more lessons so (5 hours) before my exam!!! we are doing it in a different studio too which we wont see before the exam so hopefully I wont get too disorientated during my dances!!!! ahhh!!!

Before I end I would love to say a huge thanks to all my lovely readers as you guys make my day and I love all your super kind comments. So thankyou guys soo much Xxx
(Also I have read all your comments but every time I try to reply it says it published but they never show up on my phone so I cant tell if they have actually published or not so I am very sorry if they have not)

Lots of love
Livvy Xx

Saturday, 27 June 2015

All about me challenge :)

1. Interesting fact
>> when my friends and I were in primary school we were obsessed with runes and 'Viking magick' kinda thing all because of this book so we spent ages learning how to read and write in runic and we still can and occasionally pass notes written in it so no one else can see what we have written hehe :) 

2. Birthday?
>> 28th of February 

3. Favourite Disney character?
>> tinker bell :) 

4. Favourite colour? 
>> pink or yellow 

5. Do you collect anything?
>> kinda I guess I have all these little cute item thingys which I guess you could say I collect maybe??
They live upon my bookshelf:) and yes that is a baby photo of me :) 

6. Pets ?
>> one beloved cat named Byron who I love soooooo much!! 
Who us currently asleep on my bed along beside my now broken chewed pencil grrrr :) 

7. Show us your handwriting 

Great just finished writing 2 out of 5 history essays woo only 3 to go!!

8. What subjects do you take?
>>English maths science art French and history although I wish I didn't take French our teacher is not the best and its s big step from the last two years. 

Hope you are well 
Lots of Love
Livvy xoxo

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Parent teacher interviews!!!!

Ahhhh tonight I had parent teacher interviews in which I had to go to as well which was veryyyy scary!!!! 
I mean I am not a bad student or anything like that I fact I will be the opposite so no reason to worry but still. Apparently I went bright red in every interview not that I realised until one of my teachers thought it was cute. Oh well that's me. Super shy but I am trying I am constantly fighting against GAD but anxiety is hard to deal with. Anyways all my teachers were super happy with me abd everyone of them told me I was too quiet abd don't talk enough. Which is fair enough I am quiet and don't really talk in class at all but I feel that if I am learning and getting top marks on everything I don't think it matters that much. I think they would rather a quiet student to a loud distributive one!! Haha!!! 
Anyway it was terrifying!!! I constantly felt like I was going to pass out abd was seriously shaking by the end of it!!! Haha oh well.  My science teacher noticed but she is super nice and  just said it's okay  I'm not scary you can always talk to me if you need it. Which I though was super nice, teachers aren't all scary! 
But I am glad they are over. :) 

I think there is a problem with my internet at home as these don't seem to publish for ages and in weird orders so I am very sorry about that I am still blogging most days but it just doesn't seem like it do hopefully it starts to work again. It sucks when you look back a realise that none have posted for a week abd a bit!!! 

I hope you are all doing well!!!
Lots of love Livvy xoxo 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Today was a great day :)

(Edit this was one that didn't publish so sorry it was meant to be up last weekend sorry!!!) 
Today was pretty awesome:) this morning I had tennis and I was the only one there for the first hour so I pretty much got a private lesson for the same price as normal and then one if the other boys turned up so I was allowed to stay for an extra hour more than normal so happy me :) 
Afterwards we went to the football!!!
Which was Mali vs Germany which was a great match!!! 
It went to penalties at the end which were super exciting!! In which Mali won 4-3. It was a great game and I think Germany were quite unlucky especially as I picked then to be in the final with Brazil but hey things happen. There's always a next time!! 
It was super funny abd slightly creepy as at half time a man was walking around saying 'spoiler alert Mali wins 4-3 on penalties' which was exactly what happened!! Haha creepy guy from the future!! Maybe he's an alien :) 

Anyway I hope you had a great day!!! 
Lots of love 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Awesome day at the under 20 works cup!!

Today was super fun!!!!! My parents took R and I to the under 20 football World Cup! We saw two games as they were back to back. First one was Honduras Vs Germany in which Germany won 5-1 and the second game was Korea DRP Vs Brazil and Brazil won 3-0. They were both really good games and even with the quiet big difference in sorces both losing teams played really well!!! And were exciting than watch!! 
The only down side was by the second match it was really cold!!!! Like freezing! You could see your breath and the field was starting to get frosty!! But we had blankets and puffer jackets so it was okay! It must of been freezing for the players!! Who were all wearing gloves abd thermals! 
But it was super cool abd I can't wait to see the semi finals next weekend!!! Yay!! 
It's so exciting to have and event like this in New Zealand especially in Chch as we haven't had one in ages after the earthquake so I am super happy!!!
Lots and of love 
Livvy xxx :) 

Dinner for the grandparents :)

Hi guys :) how are you?? 
Last night for the first time in ages I cooked dinner for my whole family and my grandparents so my gran nana and poppa :) so happy 
Oh and I ate it too!!!! Normally I struggle a lot with eating my own cooking, baking is okay but cooking usually I won't eat it but  I did!!! 
I made a Chinese meal. So we had sweet and sour chicken, honey soy chicken, egg fried rice, steamed veges and bok choy (which is my favourite vegetable of all time, it tastes sooooo good!!!! You should definitely try it yum :) ) with a garlic and soy sauce thingy :) 
The first 2 dishes written above I got the recipe from 'the recipe critic' which is another website which has the recipes on it if you would like to try it out, they are very easy and super yummy!!! 
I know I am awesome at putting things in bowls nicely ;) 

Yummy :) and everyone seemed to like it too! But mostly everyone was super proud with me which was super nice to have their support:) 

I am the weirdest cook ever. If anyone saw me cook I think they would burst out laughing ;) I hate touching meat so I wear two pairs of rubber gloves (incase one rips) and I can't look at it and the smell so I don't  look hold my breath and wear two pairs of gloves which make my hands look super fat haha!!!! And then when it comes to browning it in oil I get scared that it will spit at me and burn me (which I think is fair enough:)) so I wear oven mits when frying it haha :)
I must look ridiculous. But hey it works :) 

And for dessert I made a apple and berry sponge pudding from the good trusty Edmonds cook book. It is a cook book which had been around for ages in New Zealand abd I think everyone who grew up in NZ has one literally everyone! I don't know anyone who doesn't!! 
But it's a great book so if anyone come out to NZ grab a copy!  
So yeah it turns out it was my grans favourite recipe from when she was little abd she had forgotten about it so that was nice :) 
It's pretty much a berry crumble but instead swap the crumble for sponge :) super yummy!!! 

So yeah that was a nice day :) 

Hope you are well!!
Lots of love 
Livvy xoxoxo:) 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Sorry guys it has been ages!!!! 
Long story short I have had three major assessments/projects which were all due this morning at 9 am!!! 
This was half of my history project 72 pages of writing!!!! The plus a commemorative booklet as well at another 25 pages!! Few I am so glad they are all over!!! My fingers are sore from so much typing!! Haha 
Also I had our school open night which was super nervous but super fun!!!! 
Today I just finished doing three hours of cardio and tennis so I'm really happy!!! Yay! But it was only 5 degrees so my hands were completely numb and it was super hard to play as I could only move my fingers slowly hhaha!! 
Today I had a really awkward French lesson! We are doing interactions next week so we had a lesson on just practising with our partners and we could sit anywhere so my friend and I sat at the front of the class learning against the wall with the White board on it and half way through the lesson our teacher began talking to the class and talked for the rest of the lesson without realising that we were sitting there and she had already told people off for moving so we didn't want to risk it and we couldn't really get up so she just talked and talked without realising!! Until she stepped backwards and tripped on us haha! But she found it funny too so it was okay!  
This was afternoon tea I made yesterday for the four of us as my our family friends can over 
I was pretty happy with myself. Well it was easy to make big I ate a bit of all of it so I'm happy!! I made the lollycake yesterday. Do you guys have lollycake overseas?? I heard recently that it was a New Zealand thing which I didn't know! Over here you can pretty much buy it at every cafe so that was a shock! But if you haven't had it you should!!!! It's soooo good!! I will post the recipe up soon probs tomorrow after school!! 
So let me know if you have had it!! 

Lots of love Livvy
Xoxo :) 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Home at last.....after 14 hours away!!

I am sooooo tired!!!! 
Finally I just got home again at 9pm! I left at 7:35 this morning to catch my bus and then went strait from school to tennis at 3:30. We did cardio and a game of singles to 9 in which I got beaten by a 9 year old haha!! But to be fair she has been playing everyday for 3-4 hours since she could hold a racket and I wasn't :) so thet was super tiring!! So 3 hours of that. I think we only stopped because it got so dark that even with the lights we wheeled out on we couldn't see the ball so that was quite exciting. You would try to get to it and then be hit in the face with the ball haha :) 
Next was a Quick dinner in the car before getting changed and strait to ballet!! Which ran late so we didn't finish until 8:45 and now I am here!!! Finally at home waiting for the shower to be free before bed as I am super tired. I have homework to do but I am so exhutsted my hand writing would be unreadable and would make no sense if you could read it so I will find time tomorrow not that I have any!!!
Tomorrow is the same but instead of ballet I am going to be a guide at our schools open evening which I am super nervous about as I normally get anxious around my friends and teachers so random people I have to talk to and answer questions and show around are whole school which is huge it is going to be tough! I will probably get us lost a ms won't know the answer to the questions haha! :) no I'm sure I'll be fine :) I am only doing it because my school concillor and my physocilgist think it will be good for me and help build my confidence which I am sure it will but still I'm super anxious about it!! Damn it when they work together and find out about such events :) which I end up doing! But anyways it will be fine!!!

Stay strong!!
Lots of love 
Livvy xx :) 

Friday, 15 May 2015

A day in New Zealand - photo an hour challenge

Hey guys how are you??? Super well I hope :) :) 
This is my photos a hour challenge so hopefully you get the rough idea of a day in New Zealand high school :) !!! I'm sure it's not different to yours :)

Waking up at 6:30 to get ready for school it's too early in my eyes :P  
Breakfast by 7 (plus a fortisip-supplement) a yougurt,banana and a cup if tea with full milk. Please don't judge what  I eat I am my own person and this is right for me at the moment what is right for you is most likely completely different so eat want is right for you :) 
Then it's time to catch the school bus at 7:40 (haha this isn't really each hour yet :)) 
First up at 8:15 is form time for 15 minutes then first period which I had art!! My fav!! Our class was very full On today as we need it finished for our internal so I didn't manage a picture so you can have one of my 'for fun' drawings instead 

9:30 second period which I had French. I struggle a lot with French this year but today's lesson was alright so that's good! Le futur today !   

10:45 is morning tea and then third period which I had an English assement which is creative writing which I happen to suck at ;) but no I phones allowed at all otherwise we would instantly fail :/ so wasn't going to risk a photo :) 
Anyway next period 4th 11:40 was science which I also love! We should be getting our physics results back soon which I am quietly confident about! Hopes up! Genetics at the moment which is awesome!!! 

And then lunch which is always tough. I am always scared my friends are judging what I eat I know they are not but still. It's hard. Three feijoas, a banana, crackers, cheese, a lamington and pistachios and a supplement later. This will sound terrible but I am still too embarrassed to drink them with my friends so I still drink them in the bathroom so I feel I am the same as everyone else. But hey hopefully I won't have to drink them for mch longer :) only 1kg to go :) !!!!
1:45 Then one period of maths after lunch then home!!!
The weather today was not the best - very cold and wet!! After school I went to the university library for my history project  what you can't see is the rain and 120km hour winds which we have at the moment!!! I was almost blown away and soaked to my bone!! 

Next was to the mall for tea with my family like every Friday night!! 
Pad Thai for dinner yummy!!! 6:30
Then back home and bed to write this!!!! 

So that was a day in New Zealand teenage life!! I hope you enjoyed! What did you do today?? 
I hope it was lovely whatever it was whether it was school work or in hospital whatever I hope you had a good day!! 
Stay strong!!
Lots of love
Livvy xoxo :)