Sunday, 29 March 2015


Hi everyone!! I hope you are all super well,
Grrr my laptop has decided not to connect to the Internet at the moment so I can't upload any pictures I wanted to :( I feel a picture livens up posts a bit :)

Well anyway yesterday was a bit hard and panicky :( it was ones of my friends birthday parties and she decided to take us out for lunch... Yeah. It was Chinese food and she had ordered sooo much of it, I was nervous about how much I had too eat before less than half of the food came out! And most of it was deep fried too.. I don't have anything against deep fried stuff but it makes it a bit harder if you knw what I mean. It was really nice though, all very yummy and I tried everything except this thingy which I had no clue what it was or made of so wasn't that brave on that one. But I don't know what it was either the food or all my friends watching me eat I don't know... But I found it difficult to swallow anything and just felt like bursting into tears which was sad
We then went back to hers and watched Gone Girl, which. Thought was really good,!! Some bits the acting was a bit cheesy but. Really enjoyed it!! I would defiantly recommend it!  Although be warned there s a really gross bit in it, but don't watch that bit but all the rest was fantastic! The girl is one freaky girl but you have to give it to her, she is sooo intelligent!

Today hasn't been so interesting.." we went to Rs soccer thing in the rain this morning, nice and wet... Then babysitter B although he was asleep so I didn't really have t do anything except make sure he is okay and made friands! They are raspberry ones and they taste really good!! And it was my first time making them too so I am really happy with how they turned out! And next was loads of homework and now kinda ish watching the cricket world cup final which New Zealand is playing Australia for all those non cricket fans like me ;) it is kind of interesting I guess although New Zealand isn't doing too well... From what I take my R and my dad haha, they keep laughing at me when I ask what things meant so I have given up trying to understand all the refs calls and stuff haha, I am not very sporty...

And not looking forward to school tomorrow :( and I have an English assessment creative writing draft thingy and I can tell ou now I suck at creative writing sooo much!! I can't turn ideas into words and I don't like it either so not looki forward to that at all!! And it goes over three periods and I won't be here for the last one on thursday as it happens to be the only period I miss as our plane for America leaves at lunch so I will miss one period and t happens to be the only class I have an assement and I don't know what to do as it is a NCEA standard one so I probably will get a not achieved for it :( which sucks. But anyway noting I can do, I kinda have t go as I aren't old enough t fly over later by myself and leaving a 15 yr old by herself for 2 weeks.. I think that's illegal. So nothing I can do.

Anyways I hope you are all well!!!
And I will get back t trying to understand cricket haha
Lots of love
Livvy xoxox :)

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Long time no see...

Hi guys!! Sorry I know I am not really blogging ver well at the moment :(
I have just been soooo busy it is not funny!! Haha this is being written at 10 pm and I should be asleep but I felt I needed to tell you that I am not giving up on blogging quite yet!! So I will make a better written post a bit later af school tomorrow when. Hopefully I have no work!

Anyways where to start? I had ,y tennis final on saturday in which my team won and came first in our division so yay a Canterbury rep winner :) exciting! It was so intense and close, we were winning 3-2 matchs already so if we won our doubles we would win and if they won the doubles they could of won (depending score difference etc ect) and our game went to tie brake which is 8-8 so we did a tie braker and we won 7-4!!! Haha it felt awesome especially as everyone and all the parents were watching us play :) super fun!!
I had my maths internal in which I got a merit.... Which is okay I guess but I was soooo stupid as I was running out of time so I quickly typed all the numbers into my calculator and missed off the end number to be taken off so I had all the working and even the last equation right bt I missed one number off n my calculator so he couldn't mark it right so I couldn't get a excellence which sucks as i did it all right!! So tomorrow I have a re-sit for that exam in which I hope to get excellence on asi know I can, and more than half of my class are doing it as well s I don't feel as bad :) but grrrr one number,and I would of got 100% on my paper!!
I also had my science internal and my history essay exam thingy and today I did my speech!! Ahhhh sooooo happppyyy I did it ALL without panicking!! Well I was but I didnt leave the room with a panick attack crying whic happened last yar with a presentation I had to do, and I didn't muck up and it all went super well!! I am soooo happy like my biggest fears ever and I was okay, I got through it!? And seeings what has happened before I did super well!! I am sooo proud of myself at the moment, I have come sooo far ei my anxiety!! :D  I was sooo nervous though and I felt sick and I was shaking hard out! I am pretty sure everyone could see my kilt moving my legs were shaking so hard ;) but I got told you couldn't few... And my hands were too so I kept moving them so try and hide it and they got counted as hand gestures hahhaha!! So that worked out well!! Hahah! Super happy!! Best speech I have ever done! And I made it super long as I thought I would speak super fast but I didnt so I spoke for 5:30 minutes... Oops... Only 2 minutes too long ;) so again super happy!! And lots of people spoke for longer ahhhh sorry I am going on and on... But I am just so proud!!

Tomorrow is a mufti day... I really don't like them... Everyone judges you n what you wear and I would rather just wear my uniform where everyone is the same. Everyone where's there best clothes and dresses etc. which I find stupid to wear to school especially when we have science practivles and art when we are panting so I don't know.. But anyone hopefully I look okay ish, enou not to be judged  jeans and a tshirt I think :) anyway who cares?!

Sorry I haven't been on lately but I will be back to normal now as things have settled down a bit at school! This time next week. Will be in a plane to America sooooo excited ahhhh!!!
Anyway, I hope you guys are all well!!

Lots of love
Livvy xoxoxo :)

Friday, 13 March 2015

Heyyy guyssss

Hey, I am sorry for  being distance at the moment. Sooo much stuff going on  at the moment.
Friend things which I could just do without, not involving me but it means they are too busy to notice me at the moment as they are too busy 'gossiping' so I fell a bit lonely and left out even though I dont want to get involved, saying mean things behind peoples backs are not my thing.
And then I have a lot of study to do. I think the teachers all get together and secretly plan to have all our internals and tests at the same time. It always feels like that, we have huge gaps where all we have is a bit of homework then all at once every teacher sets a test or decides to have our internals all at the same time. On Monday I have a history essay under exam conditions, Tuesday my art internal is due, Thursday I have my math number internal and Friday I have my science informative test!!! Ahhh, and I have to study for all of them as we cant take anything in, which is understandable, but sometimes you get lucky and you can take a sheet with notes and dates etc.
On top of that I manage to get sick. Seriously the wrong time to be sick. Its nothing serious just a coldy virus thing which seems like everyone at school has at the moment, but I still feel terrible. Normally I would be off school but I havent been able to as you cant be off school before the lead up or on a test, unless you get a thingy from the hospital to say you physically cant be at school and then you have to go through all this stuff form the NCEA coordinator etc. which takes ages and you get not achieves and miss out on those credits etc. which I cant be bothered going through. So I am exhausted, and havent been able to recover probably.

So yeah too much stuff all at once.

But good news! (well for me anyway) Today is my brothers birthdday party as his Bday is on Tuesday annnnndddd I ate four pieces of pizza!!! Yayyy!!! And I dont feel guilty about it either so I am super happy!!! This time last year I couldnt of done it!!! Yay!!

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well!! And not super tired and stressed like me :)
Lots of love
Livvy xoxo

Friday, 6 March 2015

Getting to know me A-Z, post 300!!

Hey guys I hope you are all well!!! Well this is my 300th post!! Wowww!! It really doesnt seem like I have been blogging for very long!! And it felt like I just wrote my 50th or 100th but anyway this one is number 300!! Sooo I thought I might do a 'get to know me' more kinda post and many of my friends blogs and my fav bloggers are doing it (Emmy, Ange and Izzy!!! Love you guys :)) so I will as well!!

Getting to know me A-Z

A- Attached or single? Single :) and very happy about it :) I have never been in a relationship and I dont think I am ready for one anytime soon, I feel I am too young, even though many people in my year and my friends are I am not ready yet, but thats okay :) I also dont want to put all my problems and my struggling onto someone else it wouldnt be fair for them.

B- Best friend? Welllll, this is soo hard to answer as I feel I have many, But I would say M she has been one closest friend since we started high school together (partly as we didnt know anyone in our class and everyone else did so we kinda brought ourselves together so we werent alone as our school is hugggeee!! over 3500 students!!) And when I was a mess at the start of last year she was always there for me and stuck by my side, she was always someone I could talk too! Love ya :) Or my other friend M (haha both start with M yeah..) who we have been besties since yr 4 when she came and we did Gymnastics together from yr4 too which included her coming to mine after school for 2 hours then gym for another 4 evry thursday and most weekend were spent together too as we live close!!

C- Cake or pie? I dont know... but I would probably choose cake!!! We dont have pie very often at all but apple or apricot pie is delicious!! Hopefully we will have lots when we go on our holiday to America I have been told they eat lots of pie there, I dont know if that is just a sterotype or not?? haha

D- Day of choice? Well I would say Saturday as it is the weekend yayyyy!! And I have interclub tennis which I LOVE but I also love the days I have ballet as I LOVE that as well and meeting with my friends that I have done it for 11 years with!! But they are both school days so  not so fun.

E- Essential item? My phone. I am not a person who loves to text or anything (well not that much anyway), I dont use it that often but it is a way of contacting my parents or calming myself down when I get all panicky at school and also to write posts and take photos with:)

F- Favorite colour? Pink or yellow (the bright one, not the browny dark one)

G- Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears!!

H- Home town? Christchurch, New Zealand

I- Indulgence? Making popcorn and a cadbury mint hot chocolate and curling up under blankets and watching series on my laptop with my cat curled up on me :)

J- January or July? Tricky one. Janurary for summer and hot weather but I am not so keen on dresses and shorts so in that way July, as I love winter especially when it snows!! Although it hasnt snowed in 2 years :( last year we had a big warning saying it would be the heavyist snow fall in 30 years with 40cm of snow and I was soooo excited and then it didnt snow at all!!! :( And I love jeans and big fluffy jumpers!! And our winter uniform is sooooo much nicer!! With our summer you cannot sit with your legs crossed without flashing people majourly and we are expected to sit on the groung so finding a way to sit in summer which doesnt make your feet go numb after 10 minutes is hard!! So either July but either Janurary or July I cant make up my mind!!

K- Kids? I suppose but not anytime soon!!

L- Life is not complete without...? Family, Friends, food, happiness, my cat, love, my teddybear ;) pictures, art, ballet, tennis, soo much more!!!

M- Memory you cherish? Christmas when I was little, all my grandparents were able to come and my aunty and uncle, spending time with family, eating a hugggeeee lunch and dinner and not caring!! And the special moment when you are little and you wake up early and run out to see if Santa has come and if he has eaten the cookie and milk you left him and if the reindeer have eaten the carrot left by the front door.

N- Number of brothers/Sisters ? Two brothers one 12 and one 2!!

O- Oranges or apples? Oranges. I have never likes apples at all ever, well not the actual fruit anyway. I like apple crumble and pie but I find it almost impossible to eat an apple, I just have never like them.

P- Pet Peeves? When you type in 'Colour' and it says it is spelt wrong when it isnt!! Because in NZ we spell colour with a 'U' but spell check is a American run program and overthere they spell it without a 'u', color, it just annoys me cause we spell in COLOUR!! Or when you go to get a bisuit or something from the cupboard and the packet is empty. So you go to get something else and that packet is empty too!! And just left it in the cupboard, if you took the packet out people would know it is empty and we would buy more!!!! Grrrr!! Or people who act all "Popular" and think hey are sooo much better than you or just rude people in general.

Q- Quote? "Love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect". Or 'the important thing is to take the first step. Bravely overcoming one small fear gives you the courage to take on the next"

R- Reasons to smile? Soooo mannnyyyy!!! Family, friends, ballet, tennis, my cat, happiness, TV shows/series, books/Reading, art/painting/drawing, freedom, No homwork ;)

S- Season of choice? Autum or spring as it is the 'in between' months where ther are days which are really hot like summer weather AND cold days like winter as I like both summer and winter soo much!!

T- Tea or coffee? Tea, I love tea but there are days when all I feel like is coffee, but I love tea more and hot chocolate especially the cadbury mint one!! It tastes soooo good!! just like the actual mint chocolates!!

U- Unknown fact about me? ummmm..... I dont know??? I am terrified of dogs. Like they freak me out. I really dont like them, pictures and stuff are cute and they are okay but being around them in real life freaks me out, seriously. I have always been terrified of them I think it might of started when I was little and I have a clear memory of being chased by one and it was bigger than me and it tackled me to the ground and lay on top of me and I couldnt get up and another time when I was in the park and one chased me and I think I ran around the whole park (It is a big park btw.) before its owner stopped laughing at me and called her dog back and it was a fast dog!!! I was only 2-3 when these happened but I remember them sooo clearly and now I am terrified of them, so yeah.

V- Vegetables? I love them!! my favs would be kumara, sweetcorn, peas, lettuce, bok-choy (that stuff is gooodddd, my top fav I think) tomatoes (well they are a fruit but oh well kind veges?!!) brussle sprouts which we use to call fairy cabbages :) and many more!!

W- Worst habit? hitting myself with my tennis racket, which hurts a lot!! I have a dent in the side of my ankle as I hit it after serving so often!!  It is something I am getting use too haha!! It just hurts a lot then kinda goes numb and tinglely haha!!!

X- X-ray or Ultra-sound? Well I dont like either. I have an X-ray 3 times one where they think I broke my wrist but it was just badly sprained, and the other 2 were when I was in hospital when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me (It was my kidney) but they checked for everthing from chipping a rib or my pelvis to kidney stones And I have had a ultra-sound once also in hospital when they were trying to find out what was wrong with me!

Y- Your favorite trip? England and seeing my cousins in real life for the first time not just skype that was super cool, and Australia staying in a 5 star hotel that Lady gaga was also staying in that was sooooo cooolll!! I can thank my dads work for that!!! We could not afford it otherwise!! Good thing about my dads job he travels away a lot (which isnt good) but sometimes when his trip falls in the holidays and isnt too far away his work pays for us to come with him!!! And the wifes and kids of the othe company member as well, It was soo fancy and I didnt feel right being there!! And to disney land and Hong Kong (as my dad was born and grew up there at a english school, he is not Chinese but his dad had a jod there) well what I can remember of it, I was very little and cant remember much!! So I am super excitr=ed to go there in the next holidays!!! As it is pretty much my first time to America and I am sooo excited!!!
This was me when i was 5 in England!!

Z- Zodiac sign? Pisces.

So yeah, hopefully you know me a little better now!!!

Lots of love
Livvy xoxo

Monday, 2 March 2015


Today has been a interesting day today. The Prime minster John Key came to talk to us in assembly and to give our school with a.. haha my mind has gone blank and i cant think of the right word, but it is like a certificate thingy that he receives each time he is voted as Prime minister ( hopefully someone can remind me what it is called!!!) which was a great honor as he was a past pupil of my school so yeah. It was cool seeing him in real life for the first time, and he gave us a interesting speech about how to stay strong even in tough times and spoke about how his family had to cope after his dad passed away when he was six, and his aunties and family in world war 2 going in Concentration camps as his mums side were part Jewish and lived in Austrus which was invaded etc. which was actually really interesting. The assembly wasnt very long only about 30min so I dint miss my whole history lesson :( haha, but I wouldnt of minded if he talked for longer as I actually enjoyed it when some found it quite boring, but I liked it!!

I handed in my first internal assessment on Friday which was my sculpture for art which I put alot of hard work into and it is worth 4 credits I think so hopefully I got excellence or merit creadits for it. We will get our marks hopefully by the end of the week and i am soo nervous!!

So this is it....

I know it could be better, but I am still proud of it! The bookcase took me ages!! over 50 tiny little separate books to make!!!

And then I had tennis which was super fun as normal!! I love exercise and tennis and ballet!!!

Anyways I hope you had a good day too!!
Lots of love
Livvy xoxoxox!!

My Birthday!!!

Heyyy guys!!!!!!!!!! Sorry it has been sooo long!! Anyways it was my birthday 3 days ago on the 28th of Feb, another year older and a big 15 year old now. Yay!!! My parents spoilt me and bought me an iphone 5s for my birthday as my old phone took ten minutes to send and text and couldnt make or receive calls, so it was time for a new phone, although I did love my little one but I love my big new one too!! So there should be better quality photos from now on!! I also got a mug with little cats on it, a fondant mold and various pink fondant to go in it (cant wait to try it out!!!), a dvd of the third season of my series I am watching, chocolate from B and socks from R haha!! So I am super happy as I wasnt expecting anything other than a phone!!
My day started off good, my Mum made eggs for breakfast and then I had interclub tennis, which I won my doubles by tiebreak 9-8 and my singles 9-6!! Yay two wins!!
Next back home where I quickly had a shower as I was all sweaty from tennis as it decided to be really hot at 28 degrees!! My Gran and Nana came over for a bit (as my Poppa does bus tours so he was down in Queenstown and Aoraki (mount Cook), he called me that morning which was super nice as he couldnt be there, and my grandpa has althimzers so he is in a home :( and he doesnt know who I am anymore either :( ) So they came over and gave me a piping bag and some money to go towards when we go to America in the holidays! ( I was super lucky this year!!! and sooooo excited for America!!)
Then my friends came around and we watched a movie ( The Giver) and had pizza for tea which was really nice!!

So that was my busy birthday but it was lots of fun!!

It is sad to think that last year on my birthday I was soo full with anxiety I couldnt keep my breakfast down before school, At school I went strait to the councilor (as I normally did then) had a massive anxiety attack and couldnt breathe and was so shaky and dizzy I could barely stand and my eyes were stained red from crying so my mum had to pick me up so I spent my Bday locked away in my room too terrified to come out. I am sooo happy this year is different, I dont think I would of coped much longer in the skinny anxious wreck I was last year. I am soooo proud of how far I have come and I know my parents are too, even though I am not there yet I can cope soo much better now!!

Not my cake, but it looks really good!!

Anyways that was my big day turning 15

Hope you are well!!
Lots of love Livvy!! xoxoxo
:) xoxo