Sunday, 19 July 2015

Back to school :(

I so don't want to be here right now. 
It is freezing at -5 degrees and it is soooo early!! Well it's 7:50 so not that early but yesterday I still would of been asleep. Haha and I am freaking out at the moment, just trying to get through it and not have another anxiety attack as one before school is enough. I don't get why I get so nervous before school. I mean it's just school!!! But anyway I do. That's just me, got to live with it :) 
Ahh my hands are numb haha. And I am early so it is always sooo awkward sitting in the corridor with the four other early nerdy kids like me :) so everyone just pretends to go on there phone haha and it's so quiet that you can hear yourself breathe and a single moment sounds very loud!!! Haha oh well my friends will be here soon... Hopefully;)

If you are at school at the moment when do you go back ? If you were on holiday in the first place that is :) 
Or if you are at home resting or in hospital just know that is what is best for you right now as school and work will add soo much more stress into your life which you don't need right now as I know how difficult it is but know that you will and can get through it even though it is extremely tough right now. Just focus on recovery as your health is much more important:) stay strong :) xx 

Today I will be getting my French internal back... It was speaking and worth 5 credits which is a lot!! And I am not very confidant on the result that's for sure!!  But as long as I pass that's okay as French is not my strong point. Oh and I'll get my history essays back too which is exciting as I like history and I'm good at it so quietly confident on them :) fingers crossed!! 

Anyways I hope you have a good day!!! 
Ahhh I am so panicky :( but just breathe!! 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Friday, 17 July 2015

Dentist and braces..... :(

Hey guys how are you all?? 

This morning I had to go to the dentist for a check up and got told that I am going to need braces :( because my back teeth have come in too far forward they are overcrowded at the back and have twisted my canine teeth at the front which is why I kinda look like a vampire haha :) but I sort of like them haha but anyway braces... 
We have booked my appointment at the orthodontist and the closest one they have is in the first week of September!! So I still have a good seven weeks. Few. And then it will just st be taking X-rays and moulds etc. so I have so while yet. But still grrrrr annoying teeth !!! 

But afterwards we went out for lunch mch for the last day of the school holidays :( which was very yummy :) 
I had French toast 


And then back home did two hours of English work and painted my nails as we aren't allowed it at school so my last chance in a while :( 
I think they turned out alright :) 

Also tomorrow there is a snow warning!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!! Although I dought it will as it hasn't snowed for four years :( but there is hope!!!! 
Sunday night would be great so no school on Monday!!! Haha I am not looking forward to this term as it is exam term :( Ahhh!!!! And this year is the first that it actually counts!!! So no pressure !!! 

Anyway I hope you had a good day :) 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Busy day....

I am so tired. 
Both physically and mentally drained at the moment. I do have stuff to do but they can wait and I can have a rest with my giant warm cup of milky tea :) 

This morning I had a haircut, thank goodness haha.  I liked the length of it but it was so knotty and hard to brush all the time as my hair is pretty frizzy and curly and my fringe was getting so long that it was hard to see haha. 


And after... 
It's a big shorter than I wanted it but if it's easier to manage that's fine with me :) 
Excuse the tennis gear too :) it is freezing outside.  

So after that I went straight to tennis and did my three hours there which is why I look pretty tired in the picture :) 
My mum then asked me to go shopping with her so I went along I didn't get anything though. I am terrible at shopping :) not for me. I like shop but I just don't like spending money haha ??

Tomorrow my friend and her sister and coming over for the day as they are up from Timaru and I haven't seen them in ages!!! So looking forward to that :) 
The only thing is I have to cook lunch, and I always panic before having to eat my own cooking as I don't like knowing what's in it and I don't trust myself that I have done everything right and cooked it properly. Baking is fine but cooking is a different story. 
And if anyone has any ideas what to make which is gluten free (well that's okay because I am too so everything I make is gluten free too) but also dairy free, egg free, sugar free and vegetarian??! What do I make???!! Any ideas will go a long way :) 
Wish me luck :) 

Anyway I hope you are all well :) and having a good holiday (if you are at the moment I know NZ and Australia are) but otherwise just a good day :) 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx :) 

Friday, 10 July 2015

Focus food of the week!!!

So, I thought I might start doing a focus food of the week segment thingy!! Where I find a food of the week and have recipes and stuff about it!! Might be interesting ?!! maybe, so I will give it a go anyway. It wont necessarily be a fear food but just a normal food (well all food is normal) but like a fruit or something haha. Or a type of food like New Zealand if you would like some Kiwi recipes!! Let me know :) 

So feel free to comment on what food you would like me to do next!!

Today I am going to start with:


Recently I found out that feijoas are a New Zealand fruit?? (as well as a few other countries too) I didn't know that as they are sooo common over here!! For example we have six trees down our back path but you can buy them all over the world too!! So if your have never heard of them either please do give them a go!! They are a little green fruit which smell exactly as they taste but a bit sweeter! And are veryyyy nice!!

You eat them the same way as you would eat a kiwifruit, cut them in half and scoop out the insides!

We always get soooo many of them that we dont know what to do with them all as the end up all over the back path and start to rot as there are sooo many!! So here are some recipes that we like to make and then freeze to use them all up!

Feijoa cake (or we normally make them into cupcakes as they are easier to store in the freezer)
I normally use THIS recipe

Feijoa smoothies:
Blend together - 2 feijoas
 -  1 banana
- 1 1/2 cups of milk
- a tsp of honey
yummy :) occasionally it will look like the mixture is split but it is just the acid in the feijoa reacting with the milk and if you give it a stir it still tastes exactly the same!!

Feijoa sorbet/icecream
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1 cup of feijoa pulp (the inside stuff)

- Boil the water and sugar together for 5 minutes and leave to cool
- Add the lemon juice and feijoas.
- Pour into a bowl, icecream containers work well and freeze until hard
- Tip it into a bowl and beat until light and soft, working quickly to avoid it melting.
- Return to freezer without stirring and leave until very firm

My gran also makes them into a feijoa chutney which is very nice I dont know the recipe she uses but there is a recipe on THIS website. It is from Annabel Langbein who is a very good and trusty chef so it should turn out perfect!!!

Chocolate Feijoa cake!

And of course there are sooo much other stuff you can make out of these amazing little fruit!! SO give them a go!!

Lots of love 
Livvy xx


Hey guys so lately I know I have been like the worst blogger ever but I am back and  staying ontop of it this time because I truely love blogging! 

It is finally the holidays!!! Yayyyyy!!! I am not going away anywhere but it's always nice just to hang around home and be a tourist in your own city ;) even though the holidays are already half over :( it goes so fast and soon it will be back to school and exam term ahhhh!!! Anyways I still have a week left :) 

The first three days my brother R had a football tournament here in Chch which was super nice as we could go watch him and it was in this new soccer academy thingy they are building and it is soooo nice!!! It isn't finished yet but it is like the fanciest thing we have in our city after the earthquake Haha it's really nice !!! 
But it's winter and also very very cold!!! It was minus two degrees when I took this photo at 4 o'clock!! But anyway I also saved a butterfly while I was there! I don't think it will last very long as it had s broken wing and butterflies don't normally live this long into winter but it was still alive the next day! 

Felt nice to save the little thing and they are really cool to hold as they cling and wrap around your fingers!! 

Yesterday I went with a group of friends to the university open day and Did the science department tours which were sooo cool and interesting. We came to help us make a decision on what subjects to take next year as some uni courses need level two credits to grant you entry so yeah big decision but it all was so interesting that now I have even more no idea (that sentence doesn't make sense but I can't think how else to re-word it do it can stay like that ;)) 

The biology labs were all new and nice and they also had an aquarium where we got to touch and feed the fish super cool!! 
Not meant to take pictures but if you look closely they are a big hard to see but there are little baby crayfish in them :) super cute!!! 

I don't really have any other plans for the holidays except read novels for English they must think we are super readers with loads of free time if something like that!!! I have read 2 and have 5 to go!!!!! And they aren't small either!!! So lots of reading for me!! 

Next week my friend is coming up from Timaru so hopefully I can spend lots of time with her!! 

And I hope you my lovely readers are all well!!!!! 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx